February 25, 2024

How to Solve Troubleshooting Problems Charging the Built-in Battery on a Troubled HP Vivo

Smartphone owners frequently face the issue of their devices not being able to be charged. Vivo, a smartphone manufacturer known for including rechargeable batteries in a wide variety of models, is no stranger to this issue. In this article, we’ll go through some possible solutions to the problem of the Vivo cellphone’s internal battery not being charged.

Cara Mengatasi HP Tidak Bisa di Cas Batre Tanam - yerros
  • First, double-check the power cord.

First, make sure the cord connecting the charger and device is in working order. A malfunctioning or low-quality charging cable may be to blame for a dead phone. Verify that the charging cord hasn’t been damaged and is still in working order. If the charging cable is damaged, you should get a new one right away.

  • Second, double-check the power supply.

The charger adapter, in addition to the cord, should be checked if the phone is not charging. A Vivo phone might not charge if its charger adapter is broken or doesn’t conform to the phone’s unique requirements. Verify that the used charger adapter is in good working condition and is compatible with the Vivo mobile phone.

  • Decontaminate the HP Cas Hole.

The HP charging hole is prone to collecting dust and grime, which blocks the electricity from reaching the battery. If the HP charging hole gets clogged with dirt and dust, the battery won’t get a full charge. Don’t use anything sharp to clean the HP charging hole.

  • Put the phone to sleep while it charges.

Make sure the phone is turned off before you try to charge the battery. This will ensure that the battery receives its charge without interference from the phone’s software or hardware.

  • Use a portable charger.

A power bank can be used in place of a charger if the aforementioned solutions to the Vivo cellphone’s inability to be charged fail. Users who are unable to locate a compatible charging cord or charger converter for their Vivo phone may find that a power bank provides a temporary solution.Those are a few workarounds for Vivo phones’ inability to charge their internal batteries. If you’ve already tried these solutions and the problem remains on your Vivo phone, it’s time to take it in for servicing at the nearest Vivo service facility or to a qualified technician. If you’ve been having similar issues, maybe this article will help you out.


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